Monday, March 23, 2009

Knowing - After Sleeping on It


Well I slept on it, and it was horribly uncomfortable. (Ga ha ga ha ga ha! As if that joke wasn't totally overused.)

Anyway, in the spirit of the movie I decided to give this review in a number code. If you're actually interested in knowing what I have to say, you'll have to solve my code. Bwuahahaha.

Since I believe there's a grand total of -pi people who care what I have to say, this code may go un-cracked until the end of time.

0021152250this is harder than I thought it would be. Ha!

Ok... so... if I ever have time I'll do a whole review in code. I got bored pretty quickly with that one. Even so... I... sorta tried.

Over all, after sleeping on it, I still give the movie 4/5 stars. It's worth watching, but not the best movie ever made. Hopefully not the best movie I review this year.

(I still can't believe it is March and I've only watched one new movie! Oi! It's the 23rd... I better do my taxes soon.)


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